Live painting

In ancient China, men of letters often organized meetings at which they demonstrated their painting of calligraphy to one another. When black ink touches the paper, it is at its most sensitive to the strokes of a brush. As a result, the speed with which the painter guides the brush along the paper is of utmost importance in ink and wash painting. Due to the specific and unique aspects of the artist´s style of working with the brush, every minute process of creating an ink and wash painting also contains a certain degree of theatrics. Jiri Straka´s performance of ink and wash paintings is not merely the usual observation of an artist who has mastered ink painting - it is an integral part of his artistic style, an essential and crucial part of his painting. Jiri Straka often and with pleasure creates paintings with grand dimensions. This affinity naturally stems from the Western artistic tradition that unites in Jiri Straka with the completely different Chinese painting tradition, thus together creating an inimitable and unique style of public ink and wash painting.

Shu Yang

Ink Cowboy